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League Rules

Rules in blue were updated/added at the last AGM.

1. The League shall be known as "Wakefield & District Snooker League"
2. Professional players are NOT allowed to play in the League or Cup Competitions.
3. No persons under the age of 18 are allowed to play in any of the Cup Competitions League games allow players under the age of 18 to play providing the host club have no objection.
4. Meetings will be held at 7-30pm every second Wednesday of the Month at a venue agreed at the A.G.M. Each team can send one representative to the monthly meetings but only the club delegates or representative may vote on any league issues. Delegates must be present at the meeting to be eligible for the Monthly Draw. The April meeting is the A.G.M. The A.G.M must be attended by at least 50% of the club delegates to be quorate.
5. The Committee and Auditors will be elected each year at the A.G.M. The officers will then be elected by the Committee.
6. A Special General Meeting can be convened in one of two ways. At a request of The Management Committee. At the request of a League Member, provided that a letter stating the item to be raised has been signed by at least 75% of club delegates. In either case at least 14 days notice must be given.
7. Teams entering the league must consist of a minimum of 6 players with a maximum of 12 players.
8. Players must be members or steward of a club for which they are registered.
9. Handicaps are adjusted by results - a win adjusts the handicap by -2 and a loss is adjusted by +2. No ceiling on the upper/lower limit. Generally, new (unknown) players will start on or behind scratch for an initial period, after which time the secretary will issue revised handicaps. The Committee will reassess all handicaps meeting to meeting. The handicap of any one player can be amended at any time during the season. The committee will reasses handicaps to account for competition results.
10. Snooker will be played on TUESDAY and THURSDAY Nights. All League Matches to commence at 7:30pm PROMPT. All four games to use the same equipment supplied by the Home Team (set of balls including the WHITE etc). Unless due to damage/problem etc, an equipment change must be agreed by both players.
10a. Where possible, clubs with two teams in the same division must play each other early in the season, resulting in them also playing early at the turn around of the fixtures.
11. League matches score 1pt for each individual winner & 1pt for the aggregate score. If the aggregate is tied, the last two players will play a re-spotted black to decide the tie.
12. Order of play. Home Captain should write their team selection down in the order they are to play. The Away Team Captain then pairs his players on the score card and the games played in the order specified. The away team referees and scores each game. One substitute is allowed per match.
12a. Elite Player Status. When a player achieves the handicap of -40 (or higher e.g -50 etc.), the player has 'Elite Player' status. When two opposing teams meet and each team has Elite Player(s), the Elite players must play each other in any order deemed appropriate by the team captains. Match(es) will be played using normal handicaps.
When a team has more Elite Players than the other team, the away team captain nominates who his Elite player(s) will play. If no Elite Players are present to be matched, then normal league handicap rules apply.
13. All frames must be played to a conclusion, except for the last frame, where it is acceptable to concede if doing so will not affect the aggregate score. Where applicable, teams may use more than one table, however the away team are entitled to ask to play the last frame after all other frames have been completed.
14. Score cards must be signed by both captains for a result to be official. If there is a dispute over a result, the card should be left unsigned and the matter discussed at the next available meeting. Once signed by both captains the result cannot be disputed.
15. Any cards that do not reach the secretary within 7 days of the published match date will render the offending team liable to a fine. Regular offenders will be libel for an additional fine. Missing cards are treated as a home win 5-0 and if the home team is not known, each registered player with the home team will be deemed to have played and won and will be re-handicapped as such. They will then play on this handicap until the next meeting, when if the cards have been received handicaps will be adjusted. LATE CARDS are cards which are not received within 7 days of the game being played. Cards which will be affected by this are games played prior to the meeting but excluding games played on the Thursday prior to the meeting.
16. Unless approved by the league secretary and notice given to the opposing team at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the fixture, barring serious reasons. A fine of £5 will be awarded for the first offence, increasing by a further £5 for subsequent cancellations. A second offence in the same fixture could result in the non-offender progressing to the next round, excepting semi-final and finals. First cancellation £5, second £10, third £15 and so on. Failure to play the fixture within 14 days of cancellation will incur a fine of £5 and £2 per week to the offending team until it is played.
In the final 4 weeks of the season the above ruling will apply. As well as the fine 2 points will be duducted automatically from the offending team. This may cost the offending team the league title and possibly a trophy However if the league fixture is played earlier by mutual consent and the league secretary is notified of the result. This rule will not apply.
17. Where a team turns up with only 3 players the non offending team can choose one of the opposition players to play the remaining frame or re-arrange the last frame within 14 days. If the offending team is the home team they loose home advantage. Turning up with 3 players (first offense) will be fined £2.00 and a £5.00 fine will be made on the second offence, subsequent offences will incur £5.00 fines and 2 point deductions. Should they offend further delegates to decide the outcome. The home team must have two team members present before 7.45PM to be able to commence the match. Third team member must be present prior to the second game being completed, if not the third game is forfeited in the same manner.If the three games are completed the fourth member must be available on completion of the third game to commence the frame. If this is not the case the last frame is forfeited 147 - 0.
18. All fines must be paid at the next available committee meeting. Any fines found to be outstanding from either the Wakefield or Cudworth League must be paid in full before teams can register for the new season.
19. When a team is expelled or quits from the league, all fixtures completed at that point will be classed as null and void. All league points will be deducted and the team will serve a minimum 12 months ban, after which time the team may reapply for membership of the league. Individuals may appeal against expulsion by writing to the secretary.
20. Should a team break the rules on three occasions (rules 16 and 17), discression of the Committee to be applied, this may be maximum fine or EXPULSION from the league.
21. At the end of each season, teams placed 2 to 9 in each division will compete in end of season play-offs. Final league positions are decided by highest number of points, by most wins and then by a comparison of most 5-0, 4-1, 3-2, 2-3, 1-4 & 0-5 results. The play-off games will be 2v9, 3v8, 4v7, 5v6. In each subsequent round, the team finishing with the highest league position has home advantage. Player’s names are drawn to determine the order of play. Normal league rules apply. In the event of the aggregate score being tied, the last two players will play a re-spotted black to decide the tie.
21a. When a division has 14 or less teams, positions 8 & 9 will become BYE's, hence only 6 teams will complete in the playoffs.
22. League Competitions : It is the responsibility of the HOME player(s) concerned to make contact with the other party to ensure that the match is played as quickly as possible. Failing to make arrangements within two weeks, results in the home team losing home advantage and the fixture is reversed.
22a. All games have to be played and no team are able to claim the points. In the case of competition games prior to the semi-final stage, should the game not be played this will be the exception - reason being work commitments etc - individuals can concede. Should a Competition Semi or Final be arranged and one party fails to attend a fine will be made of £10.
23. 3-A-Side Knockout: Players names are drawn out to decide the pairings. This also denotes the order of play. The team with the highest aggregate score over the 3 games wins the match. All games to be played on one table. The venue for the final will be arranged at the meeting proceeding the Semi-Final Draw.
24. Pairs Knockout: Handicaps are calculated by adding the individual handicaps together and dividing the result by two. Matches are best of three frames with the Semi-Final and Final being best of five frames. The venue for the Final will be arranged at the meeting proceeding the Semi-Final Draw.
24a. Team Knockout (Joffe Bridgewater Trophy): Players names are drawn out to decide the pairings. This also denotes the order of play. Before the match starts, each team must nominate a player to contest a deciding frame if the score is 2-2 after normal play. The team who wins the most frames wins the match, aggregate score is not taken into account. All games to be played on one table. The venue for the final will be arranged at the meeting proceeding the Semi-Final Draw. This is not considered a league match, for the purposes of capped handicaps as per rule 9.
25. Handicap/Scratch Knockout: All matches are the best of 3 Frames with the Semi-Final and Final being best of five Frames. The Venue for the Final will be arranged at the meeting proceeding the Semi-Final Draw.
26. Champion of Champions: Matches are played on a round-robin basis. If any teams are tied for first place a play off match will be played. All matches to take place at a neutral venue.
27. Play-Off and Competition Eligibility: In order to be allowed into the draw at the quarter-final stage of each competition. Each player must have played at least four league games in the current or previous league season. To qualify for the play-offs and champion of champions events, each player must have played at least four league games in the current season.
28. All winning teams/players should send a result card to the secretary by the published closing date. Games can only be played after the closing date with prior permission from the secretary, in these cases the result must be phoned in immediately. The Secretary's decision is final in all cases of disqualification.
29. When your match begins at 7.30pm all team members that are on the team card should be supporting their team and not practicing on other tables whilst the match is in progress. Obviously this only applies to clubs who have the use of two or more tables.
30. An individual player is allowed to play for different clubs in different divisions (i.e Tuesday and/or Thursday). But they will only be allowed to represent one team in league competitions (after playing one game, the player becomes 'cup-tied' to that team), with their lowest handicap being applied i.e Tuesday -10, Thursday -16 the Thursday mark will apply.
31. Registration fees to be paid on or before the second meeting. Failure to comply will result in a fine of £5.00 per team being made.(two teams representing a club fine being £10). Non payment of competition fees before commencement of competitions all players and teams of the offending club will be withdrawn from the appropriate competitions. Should clubs have an agreement with the secretary or treasurer on when payment will be made is an exception to this ruling.
32. Delegate meetings are held every second Wednesday of each month, none attendance of two consecutive delegate meeting will attract a fine of £2.00.
33. Failure to return trophies in condition they were received in a fine of £5 will be made, also trophies returned late a fine of £5 per week will be made until returned or full replacement cost will be made if not returned.
34. Ungentlemanly conduct will result in the players involved being fined £5.00 and also two months probation, commencing from the meeting this incident is dealt with. Should in this probationary period a further offence be committed they will be banned from the league and competition games until deemed otherwise by the Committee and a further fine will be imposed accordingly.

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Updated: Tue, 18th Sep 2007