Wakefield & District Snooker League

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Thursday - Player Handicaps

A.BennettBullet S/S-34
B.ElmoreBullet S/S-4
D.Mills JnrBullet S/S-16
I.BennettBullet S/S-16
J.CornwallBullet S/S-14
L.PrinceBullet S/S-6
P.RoundBullet S/S16
S.HowellBullet S/S-4
T.HolmesBullet S/S20
Z.MillsBullet S/S-8
Ryhill Village AC.Burnage-16
A.PhillipsCrofton C/C-28
D.ConnellyCrofton C/C2
D.JaggerCrofton C/C0
D.LeeCrofton C/C16
D.RobinsonCrofton C/C0
H.RobinsonCrofton C/C24
J.PittsCrofton C/C6
J.RailtonCrofton C/C4
R.GroomCrofton C/C-2
S.HillCrofton C/C-18
S.ShepherdCrofton C/C20
T.ShepherdCrofton C/C12
B.Woodcock JnrCrofton WMC-20
D.ChamleyCrofton WMC-12
D.ExleyCrofton WMC18
J.SpoonerCrofton WMC-28
M.CorbyCrofton WMC2
M.DevlinCrofton WMC4
M.JohnsonCrofton WMC22
R.GreatorexCrofton WMC4
S.MiddletonCrofton WMC-12
S.OpenshawCrofton WMC10
T.MasseyCrofton WMC18
T.WalkerCrofton WMC6
D.ShepherdCudworth West End14
G.DeakinCudworth West End22
G.WilsonCudworth West End32
J.HodgsonCudworth West End-6
K.BrownCudworth West End20
M.EelesCudworth West End-4
W.ElandCudworth West End-8
A.AshtonDarfield Road-38
A.SmithDarfield Road0
C.BanksDarfield Road4
I.ParkinDarfield Road-22
I.RogersDarfield Road-14
J.BaldwinDarfield Road2
J.ParkinDarfield Road12
L.BanksDarfield Road10
L.SmithDarfield Road-20
N.HudsonDarfield Road-20
R.BanksDarfield Road8
S.HillDarfield Road22
S.ParkinDarfield Road-18
A.CheshamGrimethorpe WMC2
A.ClarkeGrimethorpe WMC-2
I.ReidfordGrimethorpe WMC-14
J.BarnesGrimethorpe WMC12
L.BinnieGrimethorpe WMC6
L.HolmesGrimethorpe WMC-42
L.ThompsonGrimethorpe WMC0
M.BaxterGrimethorpe WMC6
S.UptonGrimethorpe WMC0
C.DysonNew Lodge A20
D.ChristonNew Lodge A-18
D.SiddallNew Lodge A-12
G.DysonNew Lodge A-18
L.DysonNew Lodge A-4
P.JardineNew Lodge A-4
T.WoodNew Lodge A8
A.BakerNew Lodge B-20
A.NeedhamNew Lodge B-16
C.NeedhamNew Lodge B6
D.LenthalNew Lodge B6
G.NeedhamNew Lodge B-10
K.MilnerNew Lodge B-38
K.RobinsonNew Lodge B-26
P.ParkinNew Lodge B-2
P.PentyNew Lodge B-10
S.BellNew Lodge B4
S.WalshawNew Lodge B0
A.ShawRoyston Midland18
J.PartonRoyston Midland0
K.FosterRoyston Midland-12
N.MillsRoyston Midland-2
Neil MillsRoyston Midland-24
S.PeaceRoyston Midland-42
J.DuffyRyhill Liberal22
L.CarringtonRyhill Liberal-2
L.GreatrexRyhill Liberal6
L.JamesRyhill Liberal-2
M.ColburnRyhill Liberal-10
P.CooperRyhill Liberal-32
P.FoxRyhill Liberal22
R.SmithRyhill Liberal6
S.FrostRyhill Liberal10
S.InghamRyhill Liberal14
A.SpittleRyhill Village A-10
A.WatlingRyhill Village A-12
C.BurnageRyhill Village A-16
G.RobinsonRyhill Village A0
J.StavesRyhill Village A-22
L.MooreRyhill Village A-4
L.PriestleyRyhill Village A-30
N.SpittleRyhill Village A-24
B.MarshSt Michaels10
H.GosneySt Michaels-64
J.StarkeySt Michaels-26
J.SwaineSt Michaels-6
M.BurdenSt Michaels-22
M.MillerSt Michaels-8
M.SpenceSt Michaels6
N.HaywardSt Michaels8
R.JacksonSt Michaels-14
S.DexterSt Michaels-50
T.HuttunenSt Michaels-10

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Updated: Sun, 17th Apr 2016