Wakefield & District Snooker League

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Fixtures - Tuesday


DateHome TeamScoreAway Team
25 Sep 18Outwood B2 - 3Outwood A
25 Sep 18Ryhill Village B5 - 0West Green
25 Sep 18Belle Vue Cons1 - 4St Michaels
25 Sep 18Lofthousegate A5 - 0Royston Pockets B
25 Sep 18Royston Pockets A4 - 1Wrenthorpe
25 Sep 18Barnsley Cons5 - 0Crigglestone
25 Sep 18Alverthorpe WMC1 - 4Mapplewell A
02 Oct 18Outwood A2 - 3Ryhill Village B
02 Oct 18West Green0 - 5Belle Vue Cons
02 Oct 18St Michaels3 - 2Lofthousegate A
02 Oct 18Royston Pockets B4 - 1Royston Pockets A
02 Oct 18Wrenthorpe2 - 3Barnsley Cons
02 Oct 18Crigglestone2 - 3Alverthorpe WMC
02 Oct 18Mapplewell A1 - 4Outwood B
09 Oct 18Belle Vue Cons3 - 2Ryhill Village B
09 Oct 18Lofthousegate A4 - 1West Green
09 Oct 18Royston Pockets A4 - 1St Michaels
09 Oct 18Barnsley Cons2 - 3Royston Pockets B
09 Oct 18Mapplewell A4 - 1Outwood A
09 Oct 18Alverthorpe WMC4 - 1Wrenthorpe
09 Oct 18Outwood B1 - 4Crigglestone
16 Oct 18Crigglestone3 - 2Mapplewell A
16 Oct 18West Green3 - 2Royston Pockets A
16 Oct 18St Michaels Barnsley Cons
16 Oct 18Royston Pockets B4 - 1Alverthorpe WMC
16 Oct 18Wrenthorpe Outwood B
16 Oct 18Ryhill Village B4 - 1Lofthousegate A
16 Oct 18Outwood A Belle Vue Cons
23 Oct 18Outwood B Royston Pockets B
23 Oct 18Alverthorpe WMC St Michaels
23 Oct 18Barnsley Cons West Green
23 Oct 18Royston Pockets A Ryhill Village B
23 Oct 18Lofthousegate A Belle Vue Cons
23 Oct 18Mapplewell A Wrenthorpe
23 Oct 18Crigglestone Outwood A
30 Oct 18West Green Alverthorpe WMC
30 Oct 18Wrenthorpe Crigglestone
30 Oct 18Royston Pockets B Mapplewell A
30 Oct 18Outwood A Lofthousegate A
30 Oct 18Belle Vue Cons Royston Pockets A
30 Oct 18Ryhill Village B Barnsley Cons
30 Oct 18St Michaels Outwood B
06 Nov 18Outwood B West Green
06 Nov 18Wrenthorpe Outwood A
06 Nov 18Alverthorpe WMC Ryhill Village B
06 Nov 18Barnsley Cons Belle Vue Cons
06 Nov 18Royston Pockets A Lofthousegate A
06 Nov 18Mapplewell A St Michaels
06 Nov 18Crigglestone Royston Pockets B
13 Nov 18Royston Pockets B Wrenthorpe
13 Nov 18St Michaels Crigglestone
13 Nov 18Ryhill Village B Outwood B
13 Nov 18Belle Vue Cons Alverthorpe WMC
13 Nov 18West Green Mapplewell A
13 Nov 18Outwood A Royston Pockets A
13 Nov 18Lofthousegate A Barnsley Cons
20 Nov 18Wrenthorpe St Michaels
20 Nov 18Crigglestone West Green
20 Nov 18Mapplewell A Ryhill Village B
20 Nov 18Barnsley Cons Royston Pockets A
20 Nov 18Alverthorpe WMC Lofthousegate A
20 Nov 18Royston Pockets B Outwood A
20 Nov 18Outwood B Belle Vue Cons
27 Nov 18Ryhill Village B Crigglestone
27 Nov 18Outwood A Barnsley Cons
27 Nov 18Belle Vue Cons Mapplewell A
27 Nov 18Royston Pockets A Alverthorpe WMC
27 Nov 18West Green Wrenthorpe
27 Nov 18St Michaels Royston Pockets B
27 Nov 18Lofthousegate A Outwood B
04 Dec 18Crigglestone Belle Vue Cons
04 Dec 18Wrenthorpe Ryhill Village B
04 Dec 18Royston Pockets B West Green
04 Dec 18St Michaels Outwood A
04 Dec 18Mapplewell A Lofthousegate A
04 Dec 18Alverthorpe WMC Barnsley Cons
04 Dec 18Outwood B Royston Pockets A
11 Dec 18Ryhill Village B Royston Pockets B
11 Dec 18West Green St Michaels
11 Dec 18Belle Vue Cons Wrenthorpe
11 Dec 18Royston Pockets A Mapplewell A
11 Dec 18Lofthousegate A Crigglestone
11 Dec 18Barnsley Cons Outwood B
11 Dec 18Outwood A Alverthorpe WMC
18 Dec 18Outwood B Alverthorpe WMC
18 Dec 18West Green Outwood A
18 Dec 18St Michaels Ryhill Village B
18 Dec 18Wrenthorpe Lofthousegate A
18 Dec 18Crigglestone Royston Pockets A
18 Dec 18Mapplewell A Barnsley Cons
18 Dec 18Royston Pockets B Belle Vue Cons
25 Dec 18Blank Week Christmas
01 Jan 19Blank Week New Year
08 Jan 19St Michaels Belle Vue Cons
08 Jan 19Royston Pockets B Lofthousegate A
08 Jan 19West Green Ryhill Village B
08 Jan 19Outwood A Outwood B
08 Jan 19Wrenthorpe Royston Pockets A
08 Jan 19Crigglestone Barnsley Cons
08 Jan 19Mapplewell A Alverthorpe WMC
15 Jan 19Belle Vue Cons West Green
15 Jan 19Royston Pockets A Royston Pockets B
15 Jan 19Barnsley Cons Wrenthorpe
15 Jan 19Alverthorpe WMC Crigglestone
15 Jan 19Ryhill Village B Outwood A
15 Jan 19Outwood B Mapplewell A
15 Jan 19Lofthousegate A St Michaels
22 Jan 19Outwood A Mapplewell A
22 Jan 19Ryhill Village B Belle Vue Cons
22 Jan 19West Green Lofthousegate A
22 Jan 19Royston Pockets B Barnsley Cons
22 Jan 19Crigglestone Outwood B
22 Jan 19St Michaels Royston Pockets A
22 Jan 19Wrenthorpe Alverthorpe WMC
29 Jan 19Royston Pockets A West Green
29 Jan 19Barnsley Cons St Michaels
29 Jan 19Alverthorpe WMC Royston Pockets B
29 Jan 19Outwood B Wrenthorpe
29 Jan 19Lofthousegate A Ryhill Village B
29 Jan 19Belle Vue Cons Outwood A
29 Jan 19Mapplewell A Crigglestone
05 Feb 19Outwood A Crigglestone
05 Feb 19Wrenthorpe Mapplewell A
05 Feb 19Royston Pockets B Outwood B
05 Feb 19St Michaels Alverthorpe WMC
05 Feb 19West Green Barnsley Cons
05 Feb 19Ryhill Village B Royston Pockets A
05 Feb 19Belle Vue Cons Lofthousegate A
12 Feb 19Royston Pockets A Belle Vue Cons
12 Feb 19Outwood B St Michaels
12 Feb 19Alverthorpe WMC West Green
12 Feb 19Barnsley Cons Ryhill Village B
12 Feb 19Lofthousegate A Outwood A
12 Feb 19Mapplewell A Royston Pockets B
12 Feb 19Crigglestone Wrenthorpe
19 Feb 19Outwood A Wrenthorpe
19 Feb 19Royston Pockets B Crigglestone
19 Feb 19St Michaels Mapplewell A
19 Feb 19Belle Vue Cons Barnsley Cons
19 Feb 19West Green Outwood B
19 Feb 19Ryhill Village B Alverthorpe WMC
19 Feb 19Lofthousegate A Royston Pockets A
26 Feb 19Crigglestone St Michaels
26 Feb 19Mapplewell A West Green
26 Feb 19Royston Pockets A Outwood A
26 Feb 19Outwood B Ryhill Village B
26 Feb 19Alverthorpe WMC Belle Vue Cons
26 Feb 19Wrenthorpe Royston Pockets B
26 Feb 19Barnsley Cons Lofthousegate A
05 Mar 19Royston Pockets A Barnsley Cons
05 Mar 19Lofthousegate A Alverthorpe WMC
05 Mar 19Belle Vue Cons Outwood B
05 Mar 19Ryhill Village B Mapplewell A
05 Mar 19West Green Crigglestone
05 Mar 19St Michaels Wrenthorpe
05 Mar 19Outwood A Royston Pockets B
12 Mar 19Alverthorpe WMC Royston Pockets A
12 Mar 19Outwood B Lofthousegate A
12 Mar 19Royston Pockets B St Michaels
12 Mar 19Wrenthorpe West Green
12 Mar 19Crigglestone Ryhill Village B
12 Mar 19Mapplewell A Belle Vue Cons
12 Mar 19Barnsley Cons Outwood A
19 Mar 19Outwood A St Michaels
19 Mar 19Ryhill Village B Wrenthorpe
19 Mar 19Lofthousegate A Mapplewell A
19 Mar 19Barnsley Cons Alverthorpe WMC
19 Mar 19Royston Pockets A Outwood B
19 Mar 19West Green Royston Pockets B
19 Mar 19Belle Vue Cons Crigglestone
26 Mar 19Alverthorpe WMC Outwood A
26 Mar 19Royston Pockets B Ryhill Village B
26 Mar 19Outwood B Barnsley Cons
26 Mar 19Mapplewell A Royston Pockets A
26 Mar 19Crigglestone Lofthousegate A
26 Mar 19Wrenthorpe Belle Vue Cons
26 Mar 19St Michaels West Green
02 Apr 19Outwood A West Green
02 Apr 19Alverthorpe WMC Outwood B
02 Apr 19Royston Pockets A Crigglestone
02 Apr 19Barnsley Cons Mapplewell A
02 Apr 19Lofthousegate A Wrenthorpe
02 Apr 19Belle Vue Cons Royston Pockets B
02 Apr 19Ryhill Village B St Michaels

27/184 Complete (14%)

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