Wakefield & District Snooker League

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Pairs Competition


Fixtures to be played by Sunday 8th October.

Mapplewell AK.Cowie/R.Senior2 - 0M.Gell/S.GoodyearMapplewell B
West GreenS.Lawson/R.Lawson2 - 1M.Spence/M.BurdenSt Michaels

Round 3

Fixture to be played by Sunday 10th September.

Mapplewell AG.Smith/W.Haigh0 - 2S.Lawson/R.LawsonWest Green
Lofthousegate AM.Savery/A.Good0 - 2K.Cowie/R.SeniorMapplewell B
Alverthorpe WMCA.Dean/C.Longbottom0 - 2M.Gell/S.GoodyearMapplewell B
Alverthorpe WMCM.Wilby/C.Lowe0 - WM.Spence/M.BurdenSt Michaels

Round 1

Fixture to be played by Sunday 6th August.

Mapplewell AJ.Banham/A.Butcher1 - 2K.Cowie/R.SeniorMapplewell B
St MichaelsM.Spence/M.Burden2 - 0J.Sokell/G.BrearleyRoyston Pockets B
Mapplewell AJ.Outram/D.Humphreys1 - 2A.Dean/C.LongbottomAlverthorpe WMC
Lofthousegate AM.Savery/A.Good2 - 1G.Wilkinson/R.HicksOutwood
West GreenS.Lawson/R.Lawson2 - 0A.Macey/P.EdwardsRoyston Pockets A
West GreenC.Banks/L.Jobling0 - 2G.Smith/W.HaighMapplewell A
Mapplewell BM.Gell/S.Goodyear2 - 1S.Peace/P.MorrisWest Green
Alverthorpe WMCM.Stocks/E.Glover1 - 2M.Wilby/C.LoweAlverthorpe WMC

Preliminary Round

Fixture to be played by Sunday 9th July.

West GreenS.Lawson/R.Lawson2 - 1J.Starkey/M.MillerSt Michaels
Lofthousegate AK.Robertshaw/N.Reynolds0 - 2K.Cowie/R.SeniorMapplewell B
St MichaelsM.Spence/M.Burden2 - 0S.Johnson/D.JohnsonMapplewell B

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Updated: Wed, 11th Oct 2017