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Pairs Competition


Fixture to be played on Thursday 5th April at Mapplewell (best of 5).

Mapplewell BR.Senior/K.Cowie2 - 3D.Johnson/S.JohnsonMapplewell B


Fixtures to be played by Sunday 8th April (best of 5).

Mapplewell BR.Senior/K.Cowie3 - 0J.Starkey/M.MillerSt Michaels
Mapplewell BD.Johnson/S.Johnson3 - 0S.Lawson/R.LawsonWest Green


Fixtures to be played by Sunday 18th March.

West GreenS.Lawson/R.Lawson2 - 0C.Dyson/G.DysonNew Lodge A
Mapplewell BR.Senior/K.Cowie2 - 1A.Dean/C.LongbottomAlverthorpe WMC
Outwood AL.Monks/D.Osborne1 - 2J.Starkey/M.MillerSt Michaels
Mapplewell BD.Johnson/S.Johnson2 - 1J.Banham/A.ButcherMapplewell A

Round 2

Fixtures to be played by Sunday 11th February.

Alverthorpe WMCM.Stocks/E.Glover0 - WR.Senior/K.CowieMapplewell B
Outwood AL.Monks/D.Osborne2 - 0P.Cooper/M.ColburnRyhill Liberal
St MichaelsJ.Starkey/M.Miller2 - 1M.Spence/M.BurdenSt Michaels
CrigglestoneA.Hudson/R.Marsden1 - 2D.Johnson/S.JohnsonMapplewell B
New Lodge AC.Dyson/G.Dyson2 - 1Neil Mills/K.FosterRoyston Midland
Mapplewell AJ.Banham/A.Butcher2 - 0C.Nicholson/P.MorrisWest Green
Mapplewell BJ.Hill/J.Racz0 - 2A.Dean/C.LongbottomAlverthorpe WMC
West GreenS.Lawson/R.Lawson2 - 0P.Jardine/D.ChristonNew Lodge A

Round 1

Fixtures to be played by Sunday 10th December.

Ryhill LiberalP.Cooper/M.Colburn2 - 0J.Staves/C.BurnageRyhill Village A
St MichaelsM.Spence/M.Burden2 - 0G.Robinson/C.KneeRyhill Village B
Mapplewell BM.Gell/S.Goodyear1 - 2J.Banham/A.ButcherMapplewell A
BrookhouseR.Harrison/A.Harrison1 - 2Neil Mills/K.FosterRoyston Midland
West GreenC.Nicholson/P.Morris2 - 0W.Haigh/G.SmithMapplewell A
New Lodge AC.Dyson/G.Dyson2 - 0A.Watling/L.PriestleyRyhill Village B
Mapplewell BJ.Hill/J.Racz2 - 0N.Spittle/A.SpittleRyhill Village A
West GreenS.Lawson/R.Lawson2 - 0D.Siddall/L.DysonNew Lodge A
Alverthorpe WMCA.Dean/C.Longbottom2 - 0W.Brown/D.HumphreysMapplewell A
Bullet S/SA.Bennett/D.Mills Jnr1 - 2J.Starkey/M.MillerSt Michaels
New Lodge AP.Jardine/D.Christon2 - 1S.Peace/J.PartonRoyston Midland
BrookhouseB.Jennings/M.Ingham0 - 2L.Monks/D.OsborneOutwood A
Belle Vue ConsL.Hatfield/D.Williamson1 - 2R.Senior/K.CowieMapplewell B
Royston MidlandN.Mills/A.Shaw0 - 2A.Hudson/R.MarsdenCrigglestone
Alverthorpe WMCM.Stocks/E.GloverW - 0M.Wilby/S.WrigglesworthAlverthorpe WMC
Cudworth West EndJ.Hodgson/G.Wilson1 - 2D.Johnson/S.JohnsonMapplewell B

Preliminary Round

Fixture to be played Sunday 5th November.

Royston Pockets BJ.Sokell/G.Brearley0 - WM.Gell/S.GoodyearMapplewell B
Outwood AG.Wilkinson/R.Hicks1 - 2A.Watling/L.PriestleyRyhill Village B
Bullet S/SA.Bennett/D.Mills Jnr2 - 1L.Jobling/C.BanksWest Green
Royston Pockets AP.Edwards/A.Macey1 - 2S.Peace/J.PartonRoyston Midland

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Updated: Fri, 6th Apr 2018