Wakefield & District Snooker League

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The Joffe Bridgwater Trophy

Round 2

Fixtures to be played by Sunday 7th January.

St Michaels3 - 1Lofthousegate
Bullet S/S - Crofton WMC
New Lodge B - Ryhill Village A
Ryhill Liberal - Royston Pockets A
West Green - Mapplewell A
Ryhill Village B - Belle Vue Cons
Outwood A - Grimethorpe WMC
New Lodge A - Wrenthorpe

Round 1

Fixtures to be played by 5th November.

Mapplewell A - BYE
Royston Pockets B0 - 3Outwood A
BYE - New Lodge B
Cudworth West End0 - 3Grimethorpe WMC
Belle Vue Cons3 - 1Crigglestone
Brookhouse0 - 3Lofthousegate
BYE - Crofton WMC
Darfield Road0 - 3Bullet S/S
Royston Midland0 - WWrenthorpe
Mapplewell B2 - 3St Michaels
Outwood B0 - 3Ryhill Village A
Ryhill Liberal - BYE
BYE - Ryhill Village B
Crofton C/C0 - WWest Green
Alverthorpe WMC0 - 3New Lodge A
Royston Pockets A - BYE

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Updated: Mon, 11th Dec 2017