Wakefield & District Snooker League

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Individual Handicap

Round 2

Fixtures to be played by Sunday 11th February.

TeamHome PlayerScoreAway PlayerTeam
Mapplewell BD.Johnson0 - 2J.BanhamMapplewell A
St MichaelsM.Burden - P.WilliamsBrookhouse
Belle Vue ConsM.Goodson - J.RaczMapplewell B
CrigglestoneA.Hudson - K.RobertshawLofthousegate A
Ryhill Village AL.Priestley - G.BrearleyRoyston Pockets B
St MichaelsB.Marsh2 - 0M.ColburnRyhill Liberal
Ryhill Village AN.Spittle - S.JohnsonMapplewell B
Royston Pockets BJ.Sokell1 - 2R.LawsonWest Green

Round 1

Fixtures to be played by Sunday 10th December.

TeamHome PlayerScoreAway PlayerTeam
Crofton WMCB.Woodcock Jnr1 - 2L.PriestleyRyhill Village A
Ryhill LiberalM.Colburn2 - 0R.JacksonSt Michaels
Ryhill LiberalP.Cooper0 - WD.JohnsonMapplewell B
St MichaelsB.Marsh2 - 1S.LawsonWest Green
Mapplewell BJ.Racz2 - 1I.ReidfordGrimethorpe WMC
Mapplewell BS.Johnson2 - 1S.PeaceRoyston Midland
Ryhill Village AN.Spittle2 - 1M.KenwardWrenthorpe
Royston Pockets BG.Brearley2 - 0L.HatfieldBelle Vue Cons
St MichaelsM.Burden2 - 0M.SpenceSt Michaels
Mapplewell AJ.Banham2 - 1P.ThackrayCrigglestone
West GreenP.Morris1 - 2M.GoodsonBelle Vue Cons
West GreenR.Lawson2 - 0R.MarsdenCrigglestone
CrigglestoneA.Hudson2 - 0J.StavesRyhill Village A
Mapplewell AA.Butcher0 - WP.WilliamsBrookhouse
BrookhouseM.Ingham0 - 2J.SokellRoyston Pockets B
Lofthousegate AK.RobertshawW - 0M.WilbyAlverthorpe WMC

Preliminary Round

Fixtures to be played by Sunday 5th November.

TeamHome PlayerScoreAway PlayerTeam
Belle Vue ConsC.Williamson0 - 2P.CooperRyhill Liberal
Grimethorpe WMCI.Reidford2 - 0L.JoblingWest Green
Alverthorpe WMCA.Dean1 - 2N.SpittleRyhill Village A
Lofthousegate AK.Robertshaw2 - 1E.GloverAlverthorpe WMC

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