Wakefield & District Snooker League

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Fixture to be played on Thursday 4th November at Royston Pockets.

Barnsley ConsS.Johnson1 - 0M.SaveryLofthousegate A


Fixtures to be played by Sunday 8th March.

Barnsley ConsS.Johnson1 - 0S.PeaceRoyston Midland
Lofthousegate AM.Savery1 - 0C.BanksWest Green

Round 2

Fixtures to be played by Sunday 9th February.

Grimethorpe WMCM.Baxter0 - 1M.SaveryLofthousegate A
Royston Pockets AP.Edwards0 - 1C.BanksWest Green
Barnsley ConsW.Brown0 - 1S.PeaceRoyston Midland
Barnsley ConsW.Haigh0 - WS.JohnsonBarnsley Cons

Round 1

Fixtures to be played by Sunday 8th December.

Lofthousegate AM.Savery1 - 0R.MarsdenCrigglestone
New Lodge AN.Mills0 - 1P.EdwardsRoyston Pockets A
New Lodge AL.Dyson0 - 1W.HaighBarnsley Cons
Ryhill Village AA.Watling0 - 1S.JohnsonBarnsley Cons
West GreenS.Lawson0 - 3M.BaxterGrimethorpe WMC
West GreenC.Banks1 - 0A.DeanAlverthorpe WMC
Bullet S/SA.Bennett0 - WW.BrownBarnsley Cons
Royston Pockets BG.Brearley0 - WS.PeaceRoyston Midland

Preliminary Round

Fixtures to be played by Sunday 10th November.

Barnsley ConsW.Brown1 - 0G.WilsonCudworth West End
Royston MidlandS.Peace1 - 0A.BakerNew Lodge B

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