Wakefield & District Snooker League

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Fixture to be played on Wednesday 10th May at Alverthorpe WMC.

Lofthousegate AM.Jones0 - 1S.PeaceRoyston Midland


Fixtures to be played by Sunday 9th April.

Lofthousegate AM.Jones1 - 0R.HicksOutwood
Royston MidlandS.Peace1 - 0G.WilsonCudworth West End

Round 2

Fixtures to be played by Sunday 5th March.

Rosyton Pockets BG.Brearley0 - 1R.HicksOutwood
Cudworth West EndG.Wilson1 - 0L.HartLofthousegate B
Lofthousegate AM.Jones1 - 0S.GoodyearMapplewell
St MichaelsJ.Starkey0 - 1S.PeaceRoyston Midland

Round 1

Fixtures to be played by Sunday 8th January.

Ryhill Village AA.Watling0 - 1G.BrearleyRosyton Pockets B
MapplewellS.Lawson0 - 1R.HicksOutwood
Cudworth West EndG.Wilson1 - 0C.KneeRyhill Village B
Royston MidlandN.Mills0 - 1S.PeaceRoyston Midland
MapplewellS.Johnson0 - 1L.HartLofthousegate B
Lofthousegate AM.Jones1 - 0R.AshtonRoyston Pockets A
MapplewellS.Goodyear1 - 0L.DysonNew Lodge A
MapplewellA.Butcher0 - 1J.StarkeySt Michaels

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